Blake Stone Aliens of Gold and Planet Strike use the Wolf-3D engine. In sharing the same engine thier are many common things to both games. They were released a year apart, and this article serves to compare and contrast the two franchises.


-Secret doors open in the same manner by pushing a wall which travels four tiles, in the direction it was pushed-

-Lives and losing a life starts you at the beginning of the level with only your starter weapons-

-Collecting treasure in both increases your score and adds extra lives-

-Earning an extra life also gives you full ammunition and health-

-Wolfenstine 3-D and Aliens of Gold are structured around 6 episodes, 10 levels-

-The follow-ups to each game, Planet Strike and Spear of Destiny, was structured around 21 linear levels and 5 secret levels-

-The first four enemies are largely similar in behavior and capabilities-

(Sector Patrol/Bio Tech/Sentinel/Trooper)

(Guard/Officer/Mutant/SS Trooper)

-The textures for each wall panel contain both a shaded and gamma corrected version-

-Both BJ Blazkowitcz and Blake Stone have similair character models, and share the same victory animation- (Where they run towards the screen and jump into the air in victory)


-Wolfenstine 3-D and Spear of Destiny have one way floors- (once exited you cant come back)

-Blake Stone the elevators/transporters work both ways- (Allowing levels to be revisited)

-Blake Stone their is an auto-map feature-

-Blake Stone has more interactive walls and dynamic sprites- (Switches, force-fields, containers)