WizardWorks Group, Inc. was an American computer game company founded in 1980.

WizardWorks jewel case series Edit

WizardWorks released a series of registered Apogee Software games in a retail CD-ROM jewel case format.

This series included the following games, all of which were previously distributed by FormGen:

In addition to the registered games, WizardWorks also marketed a limited edition jewel case release of Rise of the Triad: The HUNT Begins (the shareware version of the original ROTT), which featured "Over 8 levels of action PLUS 3 Bonus Comm-bat™ levels".

Manuals Edit

There are at least two known variants of the Apogee jewel case releases by WizardWorks: One that contains a physical manual, and one that instead contains an order form.

Version that contains a manual Edit

The front insert in this variant is a full game manual with multiple pages, which are in black and white and bound with staples. The manual contains topics such as the game's story, items, and controls. The back cover of the manual lists the game's credits. Variants that contain manuals are known to exist for the following games: Alien Carnage, Duke Nukem II, Hocus Pocus, Mystic Towers, Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, and Blake Stone: Planet Strike!

Planet Strike manual Edit

The final two pages of the manual for Planet Strike! contain an order form that could be used to purchase Aliens of Gold directly from Apogee Software. The instructions for ordering mention a "Registration card" which must be included when placing an order. Whether the WizardWorks release of Planet Strike! contained such a registration card is unknown.

Version that contains a WizardWorks order form Edit

The front insert in this variant is simply a single folded paper with a generic order form on the back, printed in black text on a white background. The inside of the folded insert contains installation instructions and a list of obscure shovelware titles that could be ordered from WizardWorks.

Trivia Edit

  • It is not always obvious from photos if a particular game is the version with a manual, or the version with an order form. This can be an issue for collectors who may want to purchase a specific version of the game online.
  • The WizardWorks jewel case releases of registered Apogee games have a banner on the cover that reads "FULLY REGISTERED VERSION | Includes all of the exciting episodes!"