Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold is divided into six missions ("episodes"). Each mission takes place in a certain location and follows the same structure - The player starts on floor 1 and must work their way to floor 9 to defeat the boss and complete the mission. Floor 0 (the "basement") is always a secret level that can only be accessed via a teleporter in another floor. Floor 10 is always a secret level that can only be accessed by finding a hidden access card in floor 9. Only the first mission is available in the shareware version.

There are a total of 66 playable floors. However, the actual number of floors in the game is greater; each mission contains hidden inaccessable floors. These floors are often very simple and contain few number of objects, although some have hidden messages in them; walls are arranged to form letters and words, viewable only with a map editor. The purpose of these extra unplayable floors is unknown, but most likely an easter egg. They can be viewed with MapEdit, a program that allows editing and creation of Blake Stone, Wolfenstein 3D, and Spear of Destiny levels.

Missions and FloorsEdit

1: STAR InstituteEdit

0: Security Training Arenas

1: STAR Institute General Operations

2: Technical Planning Offices

3: Mutant Holding Chambers

4: Alien Canister Storage

5: Controlled Pod Hatchery

6: Pod Stabilization Area

7: Ammunition and Weaponry Storage

8: Security Offices

9: Space Trak Transport

10: Secret Alien Chambers

2: Floating FortressEdit

0: Pod Alien Storage and Transport

1: Transport Arrival and Processing

2: General Storage and Operations

3: Personnel Briefing and Training

4: Cargo Storage and Processing

5: Personnel Correction and Detention

6: Weapons Development and Testing

7: Genetic Development and Storage

8: Technical Engineering

9: Transport Processing and Departure

10: Secret Storage Chambers

3: Underground NetworkEdit

0: Secret Alien Test Environment

1: Network Security Monitoring

2: Network Operations and Control

3: Lunar Explorations

4: Geneticist Training Labs

5: Network Atmospheric Control

6: Alien Behavioral Observatory

7: Lunar Biosphere Monitoring

8: Human Morphing Labs

9: Network Transit Deck

10: Secret Network Communications Node

4: STAR PortEdit

0: Hidden Habitat Storage

1: Alien Controlled Quarters

2: Mutant Perfection Labs

3: Circular Alien Chambers

4: Lunar Operations Gold Opening

5: Neuro-Net Cells

6: Alien Processing Station

7: STAR Recreation Area

8: Bio-Morphing Labs

9: Cryo-Storage Level

10: Mutant Transport Deck

5: Habitat IIEdit

0: Sub-Lunar Testing Labs

1: Habitat Crew Quarters

2: Solar Radiation Monitoring

3: Artificial Atmosphere Research

4: Habitat Supply Storage Deck

5: Genetic Research Holding Areas

6: Habitat Central Core Passageway

7: Bio-Medical Storage Deck

8: Mutant Examination Chambers

9: High Security Experimental Lab

10: Mutant Isolation Deck

6: Satellite DefenseEdit

0: Goldfire's Money Vault

1: Satellite Defense Operations

2: Secret Intelligence Headquarters

3: Secret Intelligence Training Area

4: STAR Defense Research Laboratory

5: Canister Alien Genesis Laboratory

6: STAR Communications

7: Genetic Research Headquarters

8: Strategic Defense Headquarters

9: STAR Central Computer Network

10: STAR Technical and Intelligence Archives

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