Blake will be injured along the way, the only way to completely prevent this is with the God Mode cheats. Health Items will restore damage done to him up to 100%. The different items all provide various amounts of health.

Health ItemsEdit

Health items will not heal above 100%, even if the item provides that much health.  For example, collecting a first aid bag while at 90% health, will cause the item to only give 10% health.

  • Water Bowl - 5%
    Water bowl 5hp
  • Candy Bar - 8%
    Candy bar 8hp
  • Sandwich - 10%
    Sandwich 10hp
  • Raw Meat - 15%
    Raw meat 15hp
  • Steak - 20%
    Steak 20hp
  • Medical Bag - 30%
    First Aid bag 30hp

Food Units

In addition to health items the game contains special wallpaper walls called "Food Units", which when Blake uses a token, he is healed a fixed amount. Food Units eventually will break down and become unusable after being fed a certain number of tokens. Tokens are found, dropped by enemies or given by Bio Techs.

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