"Ha ha ha ha ha! You'll never succeed!"

Doctor Pyrus Goldfire is Blake Stone's main antagonist. He has found a way to replicate pure gold, which he is using to fund his plan to take over with his deadly, mutant creations. He appears as a boss on Floor 9 of each
Dr Goldfire
mission in Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold. After he has been attacked considerably, he will teleport out and leave behind an access card which is needed to unlock the door to the end boss of the mission. It is not until the end of Planet Strike that Blake is able to kill Dr. Goldfire (after he becomes Morphed Dr. Goldfire). He appears to carry a Slow Fire Protector.
Goldfire warpout

Goldfire teleporting out

Goldfire occasionally appears on non-boss floors, in which he is merely a distraction; attacking him will simply cause him to soon warp out temporarily.

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