Main map Planet Strike

Area map with numbers added

The levels in Planet Strike are called Areas. Planet Strike is divided into 24 areas, 4 of which are secret levels. The player's main objectives in each area are to find the fission detonator and use it to destroy the security cube, unlocking the teleport to the next level. Unlike in Aliens of Gold, the game is not divided into separate missions. In the game engine, areas start at 0, so area 1 is 0, area 2 is 1, and so on.

A map of all areas is shown on the teleport control panels. The shapes of the areas on the map, however, do not represent the actual shape of the levels (all levels are essentially in a fixed square area). Likewise, the locations of the areas on the main map also do not represent the actual locations of the levels, the levels being separate unrelated maps.


1: Transport Arrival Area

2: Bio-Tech Labs

3: Cargo Holding

4: Radiation Containment

5: Trainee Quarters

6: Security Section

7: Rehabilitation Areas

8: Weapons Training

9: Administrative Areas

10: Communications

11: Mutant Holding Chambers

12: Cryogenics Labs

13: Engineering Sector

14: High Security Area

15: Supply Processing

16: Bio Materials Storage

17: Crew Quarters

18: Mutant Isolation Area

19: Cryo Testing Chambers

20: Goldfire's Lair

Secret AreasEdit

21: Mutant Programming

22: Plasma Test Areas

23: Bio Mechanics Labs

24: Cyborg Repair Bays

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