Ammo Charge UnitsAmmo packs, also called ammo units, charge units, charge packs, are items which give ammo for the weapons. They are found throughout the levels, and can be found around fallen enemies. They contain varying amounts of ammo.

Charge units come in two forms. The first, a fully charged ammo pack, gives 8 units of ammo energy, which is either found or given to Blake through friendly Bio-Techs.

The second is a Used Charge Pack (distinguishable by the cube's coloring) which is dropped by actors upon death. The Used Charge Pack contains what the actor did not use while alive. A used charge pack gives a minimum of 1 unit of energy and a max of 8. However as seen with the god mode cheat, actors may fire indefinitely, but only their first 7 shots reduce the pack, to a minimum of 1.

In Planet Strike, amunition can be destroyed by a Plasma Discharge Unit,  Anti-Plasma Cannon and or a Fisson Detonator if hit directly or it is hit by the weapons splash affect.